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Welcome to God Glorified! 

You will find here a great many items that I have written and a few written by others that I feel express the Bible Truths that will help individuals to find their ultimate place in God, and therefore give to Him the Greatest Glory!  

Under What About God? There are many articles that I have written dealing with the Oneness and the Trinity.  Under What About Salvation?  you will find the Biblical Plan of Salvation, as well as a few other topics.  In What About the Bible?  You will find out various facts that express the inspiration of God's Word, as well as some information regarding Textual Criticism, a look at the King James Version verses some of the Modern Translations and a little History of the Bible.  On the Michael Servetus page you will find out some interesting facts about a man who was burned at the stake in 1553 by John Calvin.  In the About Me?  page you will find out a little bit about me and my family.  Also, check out the photo album!  

To make this site a better tool I have included a  Site Map and a Search page to allow you to look for a specific subject.  God bless you, and may this site, my life, and yours, be presented so that God is Glorified!

Thank YOU for visiting God Glorified!  If you have questions or comments please e-mail me!
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