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This is not reflective of the number of significant individuals in my life!  It is just that I am still working on getting this information compiled in a manner that will best reflect them!  Here are a few!

DSC00025.JPG (44815 bytes) R & B.jpg (131800 bytes) Blake in Hee Haw.jpg (416780 bytes) RVB.jpg (7376 bytes) Mom and Dad.jpg (11300 bytes)
My Wife Janet & my Nephew Blake Me & Blake Blake in his 
Val, Blake & Rick
(my brother and his family)
My Mom & Dad
TAC.jpg (10716 bytes) cassienewpic.jpg (60006 bytes) WilBren.jpg (30527 bytes) MVC-007S.JPG (36668 bytes) M & D U.jpg (11361 bytes)
Alisha, (my wife's sister), my niece Cassie, and Todd  Cassie Cat William (my wife's brother) and my niece Brianna Willie and Brianna  Mom and Dad Upchurch (my in-laws)
B paint.jpg (12035 bytes) MVC-001S.JPG (36882 bytes) MVC-006S.JPG (36236 bytes) DSC00024.JPG (45475 bytes) Brianna.jpg (19302 bytes)
Blake ready to paint Brianna with Alisha and Todd Janet holding Erin (our friends, Amy and Heath's baby) and my Mom-in-law My brother Rick, myself, & our Dad.  Brianna



Hopefully, I will update this soon! 

But until then, you can see my new  niece
at: www.upchurchfamily.com


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